Facebook Comments Extension

Facebook Comments extends your Facebook Social Stream plugin in order to display Facebook-comments within your stream. Your users will be able to browse through the feed without leaving your site anymore. Comments are loaded in background without page-reloads!

Key Features

  • display Facebook comments for each message
  • show comments without page reloads
  • high number of comments… no problem! Load “more” comments on click


Just click the -comments symbol

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5th of June 2018 11:01 PM Link
Discover something new. #ExperienceDifferent with #GoPro ✈️🗺

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5th of June 2018 08:56 PM Link
Photo of the Day: Finding quiet lookouts in quaint cities. 🌅 Graziano Piras captured a shot of himself using Time Lapse Photo Mode on the #HERO5 Black.

Share your sunset shots with us at https://gopro.com/awards. 💰

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5th of June 2018 01:10 AM Link
Name a better filmer. We'll wait. 🐶📷 Fatman The Dog + Rob Mathieson spend a day in the park with Fetch Mount, #KarmaGrip + #HERO5 Black.

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4th of June 2018 06:35 PM Link
Photo of the Day: Find a job that lets your Monday look like this. 📷 #GoProFamily member Cristina Verdú enjoys the magic of a heart-shaped pool with her #GoProHERO6

Share your #GoProTravel with us at gopro.com/awards.

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3rd of June 2018 10:02 PM Link
One camera, one take, two voices. Bigman + Gene collab to remix each other’s songs into a single performance with #GoProFusion

🎵 Bigman X Gene - Jigsaw, Get Tired of My Love, Home (Remix)

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