Facebook Comments Extension

Facebook Comments extends your Facebook Social Stream plugin in order to display Facebook-comments within your stream. Your users will be able to browse through the feed without leaving your site anymore. Comments are loaded in background without page-reloads!

Key Features

  • display Facebook comments for each message
  • show comments without page reloads
  • high number of comments… no problem! Load “more” comments on click


Just click the -comments symbol

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23rd of November 2017 06:51 PM Link
Photo of the Day: Can we eat already? 🐾 #GoProFamily member Tim Mathews is thankful for his furry friends. Tag the people that you're thankful for! 👇
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23rd of November 2017 01:01 AM Link
Our #travel friends at Lonely Planet toured the globe to find the #BestinTravel Top Value destinations of 2018. Estonia's capital, #Tallinn topped their list + #GoProFamily member Espen Hatleskog joined their adventure to see for himself.

To explore more Top Value destinations, click here: http://g.gopro.com/6003DD8ab
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22nd of November 2017 09:40 PM Link
You may have been mountain biking, but have you been heli-biking? Get lost with #GoProAthlete Andreu Lacondeguy + Lluis Lacondeguy on a mountain bike mission through the mountains of Andorra.
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22nd of November 2017 07:08 PM Link
Photo of the Day: Welcome back, snow. 🌨 #GoProFamily member Christoph Oberschneider Photography trekked to the top of an Austrian glacier for his first ski line of the season. Before dropping, he launched #GoProKarma with #GoProHERO6 for a quick view of the incredible landscape. 🏔
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22nd of November 2017 01:23 AM Link
Another one. 🌊🏆 #GoProAthlete Filipe Toledo battled onshore winds + fierce competition to become the first Brazilian champ of the World Surf League #HawaiianPro! Parabéns, Filipe! 🇧🇷
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