Facebook Social Stream Pagination Extension

Pagination extends your Facebook Social Stream plugin with powerful pagination functionality. Your users will be able to browse through previous Facebook posts easily without page reloads. Automatic caching ensures a great user experience.

Key Features

  • adds pagination buttons to your Facebook Social Stream
  • Ajax communication to prevent page reloads
  • automatic caching


New options will be available once you activated the pagination extension:

Pagination Extension Settings


Just click the pagination-symbols

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9th of January 2019 10:07 PM Link
In a discipline riddled with tragedy, it’s important to remember the beautiful lives of those we’ve lost. Soar above the Dolomites with #GoProAthlete Jeb Corliss as he pays tribute to his fallen friend, Uli Emanuele.

Special thanks to RYOT for the collaboration on this piece. Shot 100% on #GoProFusion

— Products shown: Fusion Mounts (Curved + Flat) and Fusion.
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9th of January 2019 07:24 PM Link
Photo of the Day: Camilla Pagliarosi played with perspective + snapped this shot in Richmond Park with Burst Photo Mode. 🍁

Challenge yourself to get creative this month. Submit your raw photos to us at gopro.com/awards. Who knows? You could just be our next #POD

— Products shown: Rechargeable Battery and Shorty (Mini Extension Pole + Tripod).
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9th of January 2019 01:34 AM Link
Close encounters in the wild with #GoProFamily members Derek Hough, Brooks Laich + The Bucket List Family. While diving in Tonga, the group was approached by a family of whales + used Quik Capture to immediately start 4K60 video.

— Products shown: SanDisk Extreme® 32GB microSDHC™ and The Handler (Floating Hand Grip).
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8th of January 2019 05:47 PM Link
Photo of the Day: Leading the 2019 #SelfieGame with #GoProAthlete Jesper Tjäder. ⛷Tap into #ProTip Tuesday below. 👇

ProTip: When you mount #GoProFusion straight up + down on the included Fusion Grip, the pole will automatically mask out of your photos + videos (no Photoshop necessary). This leaves you with a detached, one-of-a-kind perspective for all of your self-captured stunts.

— Products shown: Fusion.
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7th of January 2019 10:33 PM Link
No boat? No problem. #GoProAwards recipient Brian Grubb + starelation put their drone to work for a different kind of wakeboard in Sava, Slovenia. 🤙

— Products shown: Fusion.
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