Facebook Social Stream Pagination Extension

Pagination extends your Facebook Social Stream plugin with powerful pagination functionality. Your users will be able to browse through previous Facebook posts easily without page reloads. Automatic caching ensures a great user experience.

Key Features

  • adds pagination buttons to your Facebook Social Stream
  • Ajax communication to prevent page reloads
  • automatic caching


New options will be available once you activated the pagination extension:

Pagination Extension Settings


Just click the pagination-symbols

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23rd of November 2017 06:51 PM Link
Photo of the Day: Can we eat already? 🐾 #GoProFamily member Tim Mathews is thankful for his furry friends. Tag the people that you're thankful for! 👇
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23rd of November 2017 01:01 AM Link
Our #travel friends at Lonely Planet toured the globe to find the #BestinTravel Top Value destinations of 2018. Estonia's capital, #Tallinn topped their list + #GoProFamily member Espen Hatleskog joined their adventure to see for himself.

To explore more Top Value destinations, click here: http://g.gopro.com/6003DD8ab
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22nd of November 2017 09:40 PM Link
You may have been mountain biking, but have you been heli-biking? Get lost with #GoProAthlete Andreu Lacondeguy + Lluis Lacondeguy on a mountain bike mission through the mountains of Andorra.
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22nd of November 2017 07:08 PM Link
Photo of the Day: Welcome back, snow. 🌨 #GoProFamily member Christoph Oberschneider Photography trekked to the top of an Austrian glacier for his first ski line of the season. Before dropping, he launched #GoProKarma with #GoProHERO6 for a quick view of the incredible landscape. 🏔
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22nd of November 2017 01:23 AM Link
Another one. 🌊🏆 #GoProAthlete Filipe Toledo battled onshore winds + fierce competition to become the first Brazilian champ of the World Surf League #HawaiianPro! Parabéns, Filipe! 🇧🇷
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