Facebook Social Stream Pagination Extension

Pagination extends your Facebook Social Stream plugin with powerful pagination functionality. Your users will be able to browse through previous Facebook posts easily without page reloads. Automatic caching ensures a great user experience.

Key Features

  • adds pagination buttons to your Facebook Social Stream
  • Ajax communication to prevent page reloads
  • automatic caching


New options will be available once you activated the pagination extension:

Pagination Extension Settings


Just click the pagination-symbols

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5th of June 2018 11:01 PM Link
Discover something new. #ExperienceDifferent with #GoPro ✈️🗺

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5th of June 2018 08:56 PM Link
Photo of the Day: Finding quiet lookouts in quaint cities. 🌅 Graziano Piras captured a shot of himself using Time Lapse Photo Mode on the #HERO5 Black.

Share your sunset shots with us at https://gopro.com/awards. 💰

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5th of June 2018 01:10 AM Link
Name a better filmer. We'll wait. 🐶📷 Fatman The Dog + Rob Mathieson spend a day in the park with Fetch Mount, #KarmaGrip + #HERO5 Black.

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4th of June 2018 06:35 PM Link
Photo of the Day: Find a job that lets your Monday look like this. 📷 #GoProFamily member Cristina Verdú enjoys the magic of a heart-shaped pool with her #GoProHERO6

Share your #GoProTravel with us at gopro.com/awards.

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3rd of June 2018 10:02 PM Link
One camera, one take, two voices. Bigman + Gene collab to remix each other’s songs into a single performance with #GoProFusion

🎵 Bigman X Gene - Jigsaw, Get Tired of My Love, Home (Remix)

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