WordPress Plugin Facebook Social Stream

Plugin description

The Facebook Social Stream plugin allows you to simply display a Facebook feed of a public Facebook page on your website.

It generates a responsive, SEO optimized and cached Facebook feed.

You do not even need a Facebook API keys!

Just configure the Facebook page name and add the shortcode [fb_social_stream] to your page. That’s it.

Download WordPress Plugin “Facebook Social Stream”

You can download the plugin from the official WordPress repository for free:

The source-code is also available on GitHub.


  1. Copy the WordPress plugin into the folder “/wp-content/plugins/”
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins“-menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the Facebook Social Stream plugin via the “Settings” page
  4. Use the shortcode [fb_social_stream] to display the feed



The WordPress plugin creates a new menu “Social Stream“. Following settings can be made:


WordPress Plugin Settings

  • Facebook Page Name
    Insert here the name of the public Facebook-page you want to display as social stream. The name is defined by the last part of the Facebook-URL https://www.facebook.com/{name}
  • Facebook Access Token
    If you have your own token, you can insert it into this optional input field. Otherwise leave it empty. The plugin uses a default-service to collect all your Facebook-messages.
  • Update interval
    Configuration of the update interval in minutes. Please insert a realistic value to minimize the server-load.
  • Max messages
    This value defines the maximum amount of messages to display as Social Stream.


WordPress Plugin Styling

Optional CSS settings to adapt the look&feel of your theme.


WordPress Plugin Experts

The expert mode allows you to configure your own Facebook access token. You can suppress the HTML includes of CSS and Javscript ressources and even the output format of your stream is configurable. If you need the data in JSON format for further Javascript handling, just change it here.


WordPress Plugin Extensions

You want more functionality within your Facebook Social Stream? Use our powerful extensions for more awesome features:


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